Manufacturing Lead / Supervisor - Tobacco

Redrying Lead:
Operates redrying machine to dry, cool, and moisten tobacco for packing or further processing: Starts flow of steam or hot air into drying units and steam and water in ordering section. Starts fan that circulates hot air in drying units and conveyor that carries tobacco through drying unit, cooling section, and ordering section. Observes air pressure gauges, humidity and temperature charts, or thermometer to determine whether specified amount of heat, steam, or air pressure is maintained. Feels tobacco to determine moisture content and regulates flow of hot air, steam, and water to correct deviations from standard. May remove sample leaves of tobacco from machine for moisture content measurement.

Skills and Qualifications:
At least 2 years Manufacturing and Supervision Experience. Experience In tobacco a plus - Coaching, Managing Processes,Controls and Instrumentation, ability to work 12 hours shifts, ability to work from 7pm - 7am with mandatory overtime during peak season. Starting pay $14.84 per hour

Don't Be Fooled

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